2019 Instructors:

Each student will spend an entire day with each of the instructors below, painting at a different location every day.

Federation of Canadian Artists


Federation Retreat, 2019

September 3rd - 8th - Bamfield, British Columbia

​​Brent brings the power that made him one of Canada’s best illustrators into the pursuit of his artistic practice. The energy, intensity and poetry of both his figurative and landscapes are a result of the artist’s passion for direct study from life. Whether life drawing in the studio or painting in the field, it is the immediate raw connection with his subject that is the cornerstone of his work. He hangs in select galleries along the west coast and takes on private commissions painting large installations and canvases for private homes and public buildings alike. Lynch spends the coldest month of winter painting in Todos Santos, BCS Mexico – a small town on the Baja Pacific side. He exhibits his work at the renowned ‘Ida Victoria Gallery’ in San Jose Del Cabo. When he’s not traveling about you’ll find him in his studio painting on the ocean shore of the northwest…his home.​

Charlie Easton comes from a family of British artists. He moved to Canada in 2006 and immediately fell in love. A prolific painter of landscapes and seascapes in both oils and acrylics, Charlie is represented by galleries across North America and Europe. He is a Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA) and has studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and at Emily Carr University, to name a few. While Charlie does have a studio in Vancouver, his first love is painting on location in BC, Alberta, California and beyond. He has had residencies in Haida Gwaii, with The Haida Nation and Parks Canada, in Banff and in Whistler.


Sue Cowan is an award-winning artist who is passionate about painting the world around her. Born in Scotland and based in Coquitlam, Sue celebrates the beauty of experiences and objects that make up everyday life with collections including landscapes, figures, portraits, still life, and Celtic stones. She loves to immerse herself in nature and regularly works in “plein air” (painting outside), trying to capture impressions before the ever-elusive light changes. Sue has taught drawing and painting for over 25 years and inspires new and emerging artists to gain skill and confidence to develop their unique personal vision. A supportive and encouraging teacher, Sue helps to simplify the complexity of nature to allow artists to experience the joy of painting outdoors and create fresh, immediate artwork. In 2011, she was awarded senior signature status by the Federation of Canadian Artists in recognition of her artwork.  Her work has been showcased throughout the Tri Cities, Vancouver and in China

Brent Lynch, SFCA


Charlie Easton, SFCA


Sue Cowan, SFCA